When to Call a Divorce Lawyer

Knowing when to hire a divorce lawyer is not always black and white. Divorces range from being simple and civilized to being extremely ugly. Regardless of how long you have known or loved someone, the pain, anger, and disappointment that can be caused by divorce is excruciating. Your family will never be whole again. Many couples choose to try and resolve their issues on their own, but for some it can be a little more complicated to navigate. This is when legal representation is recommended. Let the legal experts at your Top Rated Local® law firm take the lead with one of their experienced family law attorneys.


If there is any abuse happening that has led to the decision of divorce, seek legal help. It doesn’t matter how tough you are or how much you believe you can handle; abuse is a sticky situation that should not be tolerated by anyone, adult or child. This includes mental, physical, and substance abuse. So, whether your spouse has intentionally injured you or a child, is putting you down mentally, or is addicted to drugs or alcohol Rainford Law Firm is here to help. No one should live in fear, EVER.


If your spouse is outright lying or being otherwise dishonest about the situation, seek legal counsel immediately to protect you and the assets that you are rightfully entitled too.

Lawyer to Lawyer

If your spouse hires a lawyer, you need to even the playing field with a family law attorney as well. Let your lawyer fight the ugly battle for you.

If you are going through a divorce and are facing any of these issues, pick up the phone and call your local family law attorney at the Rainford Law Firm. Refuse to be a victim of abuse, dishonesty, or an unfair legal playing field. We are here to protect you and fight for what is rightfully yours whether that be money, other assets, pets, or children.