Living In Fear

Living In Fear

Are you living in fear from your husband or wife? If you are feeling trapped, threatened, or vulnerable you may be in an abusive relationship. Being in an abusive relationship is scary, painful, and unfortunately it is something that most individuals keep silent about. Abuse in a relationship can take many forms, it isn’t just physical violence that is ailing women.

Physical Abuse

If you are being physically abused by your spouse, you are not alone. In the United States, a woman is beaten by her husband every 15 seconds according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Any form of physical harm is abuse. It seems that a partner will continue to stay in a relationship if they think that the abuse isn’t “that bad” in comparison to other cases of physical violence that they know of. Many people also believe that acts of physical violence are just isolated instances and say things like “He only hit me one time, and he promised never to do it again.” However, it is extremely likely that if your spouse has abused you once, that it will happen again. If your spouse has ever laid a finger on your in a negative way, it is abuse.

Mental Abuse

Mental Abuse tends to be overlooked a lot. Just because you aren’t covered in bruises, doesn’t mean that you aren’t being abused by your spouse. Being abused emotionally or verbally can be very scaring and detrimental to your health. Emotional abuse is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Abusers have the tendency to deflate your self worth. They will humiliate you, talk down to you, yell at you, embarrass you, and blame you for their abusive tendencies. When being mentally abused, the abuser is attempting to gain full control over you and all of your decisions. They want you to have to rely on them for basic living needs. In a lot of cases the abuser will take control over everything in your life including finances in an attempt to monitor and control your every move.

Regardless of speculation about what causes abuse. Abuse is a choice. Abusers have tactics that they use to exert their power and make you feel helpless. Abusers will exert dominance to control you, isolate you from friends and family to ensure that they will not to be caught, threaten to hurt you, intimidate you to get you to stay right where they want you, and finally deny that they are abusing you, and even in some cases make it seem as though the abuse is your own fault. If you or someone you know is stuck in an abusive marriage, and are ready to break free call C. Rainford Law Firm of Georgia for a family law attorney. We will fight to get you out of your abusive marriage, and our family law attorneys will ensure that you don’t leave empty handed. Call us today to get started towards a safer future!